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Do you need to add a detail to a project’s 3D model? Or you want to flag something? With our BIM solution, you can use Electronic Document Management (EDM) and monitor problems using BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) 2.1. Visualise, check, modify and share digital models and all related information in the BIM Viewer. It’s like child’s play!

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BIMDATA - logo socotec

Proof of Concept on disabled accessibility, fire safety system and acoustic regulations. Presented at BIM World in Munich in 2017. Technical Controller’s ERP InterfaceIntegrated a brick into the internal technical control tool (Rapsotech) with blockchain interface and augmented reality.

BIMDATA - logo foncia

Jointly developed with a V.0 tool for Foncia IPM ( to implement a property management service using digital models. Integration of the brick into’s tool as part of the environmentally responsible and interoperable digital building (BNEI) experiment financed by ADEME. The solution is operational and makes it possible to create management of a jointly owned property using BIM and IoT.

BIMDATA - logo untec

Specific Development for French quantity surveyor. Implemented a method to identify IFC objects (duck typing) to sort and classify quickly (Untec method), and created new property set quantities.