On Premises

With this licence you can host our solutions directly on your premises, giving you total control over your data.

fonctionnalités BIM disponibles sous licence on-premise BIM

What is an on premises service?

You can host our solutions directly on your own servers. This gives you 100% control over your data. This type of licence is frequently requested by industries that have very strict confidentiality policies regarding private data or that are subject to government regulations. Our team will help you with installation, configuration, support, staff training and maintenance. If you are interested in this option, please talk to us!

Cloud vs On Premises infrastructure, which to choose?

The main difference between the Cloud and On-premises options:

  • when you subscribe to the On Premise option, the Saas solutions are integrated and hosted within your information system, you have total control over your data.
  • when you subscribe to the Cloud option, you benefit from a ready-to-use solution with automatic updates.
logiciels SAAS vs logiciel on-premise BIM

Benefits of BIM On Premises

Maîtrisez vos données grâce à la licence on-premise BIMData

100% Data ownership

BIMData, l'unique licence on-premise BIM en France

Take advantages of BIM’s unique on-premises licenced software

profitez des API avec la licence on-premise BIMData

Endless possibilities via APIs (.ifc, .bcf, etc.)

protection des données avec l'offre on-premise BIMData

Suitable for very strict confidentiality policies or those subject to specific government regulations.

auto-hébergement on-premise des logiciels BIMData

Hosting our solutions on your own servers gives you complete control over your data and your business maximum security.

flexibilité et option sur mesure

Our flexibility helps you choose the right option for your business needs.


Deployment solution

Easily deployable, applications are delivered as docker images, easily usable by their preferred container orchestrators: Kubernets, Openstack, etc.

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