Develop with BIMData

From our API to our open source platform via our SDK or our Design System: here you will find all the tools BIMData has to offer!

Powerful BIM web tools


  • Request the IFC on demand
  • Assemble IFCs, edit IFC and export selections of IFC elements
  • Access BIMData services with your own user accounts (SSO)
  • Host your data in Europe on our servers (OVH)
  • Use web-hooks to automate your workflows

Tailor-made development tools

  • Simultaneously load thousands of objects with our high-performance web viewer
  • Increase the capabilities of the viewer by developing your own plugins to customize the behavior of the viewer, integrate your business data directly into the 3D model, add your business tools closer to the building
  • Facilitate the development of plugins directly in the viewer thanks to the implementation of an SDK. Coupled with a Design System in VueJS, development time can be significantly reduced
  • Our BIM solutions adapt to your processes – not the other way around! With our open source platform, you have the power to modify and customize according to your business needs

Build BIM tools by freeing yourself from technical complexity to focus on your business.


Access, create, share, export your BCFs with our BCF API.

BIM Viewer

Integrate any solution into our powerful web viewer.


Develop your own plugins to increase the efficiency of your tools, thanks to our powerful and documented technologies.

Integrate the viewer in a few lines of code

          <!DOCTYPE html>
          <html lang="en" dir="ltr">
              <meta charset="utf-8">
              <title>BIMData Viewer</title>
              <script src="" charset="utf-8"></script>
              <div style="height: 100vh">
                  <div id="app"></div>
                const cfg = {
                  cloudId: 88,
                  projectId: 100,
                  ifcIds: [175],
                  bimdataPlugins: {
                    bcf: false,
                    merge: false,
                    allowExport: false
                const accessToken = 'DEMO_TOKEN';
                const {viewer, store, eventHub, setAccessToken} = initBIMDataViewer('app', accessToken, cfg);

Design System

We have developed a Vue.js library that contains a set of components and demos for building interactive user interfaces. It is composed of UI patterns and components, typography, colours and associated tools, iconography, functional elements/components. All this is made available to developers to create plugins faster with a unified design.

Explore Design System

Open Source BIM platform

Our platform built in Vue.js is made available to all developers to modify and adapt. It uses the API services for the creation of all your projects, IFC conversion, user invitation, etc.

See the project

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